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Overview on aggregate programming and FCPP

In order to get a preliminary and theoretical overview on the aggregate programming paradigm and FCPP, several papers are listed in the references page, grouped by type and subject. In particular, a minimal suggested starting set is formed by the papers listed there as:

An introductory video course on these subjects is also available online (slides in English, presentations in Italian).

Quick start through the Exercises project

If you prefer to start through an hands-on approach, the exercises project is the best starting point for you. The readme of the project guides you step-by-step through setup, execution, inspection and general FCPP concepts. Then, a short list of 7 exercises allows you to warm-up as an aggregate FCPP programmer, and test the skills acquired as such. While working on those exercises, keep the API documentation handy to figure out the details of the library. A draft tutorial integrating the API documentation is also under development here.

Starting a new FCPP project from a sample project

If you are already acquainted with aggregate programming and FCPP and need to start a new project, a simple way to set up your code is to start from the sample project. This project comprises a few sub-projects, covering most of the different application scenarios of the FCPP library, so you should be able to find the one that best suits the needs of your new project. While working on the set up of your project, keep the API documentation and FCPP concepts handy to figure out the details of the library whenever needed.

Further resources for developers

The main source code of the library is freely available at:

Additional resources (helpers, additional tools, extensions for microcontrollers) are available as repositories in the organization: